Australia is a nation of movers, and women are more likely to move house for a change of scene than men … That’s the latest Census data, and it shows we are moving house for a sense of space (77%);  to connect with the natural environment (77%) and overall improved wellbeing (75%). A staggering 81% of 65 year-plus couples would also relocate for a change of scene.

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The latest Census data showed Australians are moving house more often than ever before. “We are more transient than ever before.

Migration within Australia was already high pre-March 2020 and the pandemic has ignited exponential growth,” Muval CEO Morrell says.

Research by RAI also shows movers are being drawn to the benefits of regional living versus escaping city life. The data shows that the top three reasons for moving to regional Australia are:

  • A sense of space (77%),
  • Connecting with the natural environment (77%)
  • Overall improved wellbeing (75%).

Whilst the benefits to regional living was the driving force, the top three things driving people out of cities are:

Avoiding traffic congestion (70%)

Reducing general stress and anxiety (69%)

Reducing the cost of living (68%).

The May 2021 national survey looked into what prompts people to move house more broadly across Australia, not just to regional areas, and found that nearly half (46%) of Aussies would move house for a change of scenery.

Women are more likely to move house for a change of scene than men (49% vs 44%) and by age, 81% of 65+-year-olds would relocate for a change of scene compared to 42% of 18-24-year-olds.

Interestingly, Territorians are the most open to moving for a change of scene (56%) compared to Victorians (46%), NSW residents (45%), Queenslanders (49%), South Australians (48%).

Australia’s “hottest ” ( growth)  Suburbs.