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With the energy, time and money buying and selling property requires, when it comes to conveyancing Brisbane and Queensland locals need at a low fixed rate price, contact the professionals at Conveyancing Home QLD.

There are many lawyers offering Brisbane conveyancing, but few are able to strike the right balance between competitive pricing and ensuring they provide the attention to detail needed to give their clients the best legal protection.

At Conveyancing Home QLD, we do just that.

We provide comprehensive conveyancing works and services at the right price, so that both your property investments and your bottom line are protected.

When it comes to buying and selling property, our clients are heralding in an exciting new chapter of their lives, not waiting, white-knuckled, for it all to be over and done with!

That’s why you need Conveyancing Home QLD – the Brisbane conveyancing solicitors who know how to make the conveyancing process as painless as possible.


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Brisbane Conveyancing – Why You Need a Local Solicitor

When it comes to conveyancing Brisbane and other Queensland cities are subject to some of the most thorough legal protocols and processes in the country.

Queensland’s conveyancing laws – which are designed to protect buyers and sellers from unscrupulous transactions – are best navigated by conveyancing specialists with an abundance of experience working in the state.

Located in Brisbane, the team at Conveyancing Home draws on a wealth of state property law knowledge and decades of experience to deliver high-quality conveyancing Brisbane and Queensland-wide.


Our Regional Queensland Conveyancing Services

Are you buying or selling property in a rural area?

There’s no need to settle for the prices and level of service offered by your local conveyancing solicitor when the Conveyancing Home team’s conveyancing services are available state-wide.

With our focus on communication and our investment in the latest technology, we can take care of your conveyancing needs remotely. There’s no need to visit our office; we’re able to assist clients in any Queensland location!

Don’t pay for unnecessary man hours or a conveyancer with uncompetitive prices!

At Conveyancing Home QLD, we have the resources, expertise and commitment to customer service that enable us to make regional Queensland conveyancing easy and stress free!


How We Charge Our Queensland & Brisbane ConveyancingStory Bridge Brisbane.

Low-Cost, Fixed Price Conveyancing Brisbane & State-Wide

At Conveyancing Home QLD, we combine the highest level of service with a competitive, fixed price.

Our fixed fee promise includes all of the standard work associated with conducting conveyancing transactions, and it guarantees that:

  • You’ll receive expert advice at an affordable rate
  • We’ll outline all of the actual costs involved in the process (including fees and government search charges)

And, you can rest assured knowing that if your conveyancing encounters unexpected problems or delays, this will not change the amount you need to pay.


What We Do: Conveyancing for Sellers & Buyers

Conveyancing is one of the most important professional services you’ll ever utilise. Home conveyancing QLD involves:

  • The preparation of all the legal documentation required to transfer ownership of a property
  • The process of meeting all contractual obligations (this includes ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract as well as time limits)

While it is possible to attempt DIY conveyancing, there are several very strong reasons you should always hire an experienced conveyancing solicitor including:

  • The complexity of conveyancing terminology and procedures
  • The time required to develop an understanding of the processes involved
  • The large financial responsibility involved
  • The ease of access to information that conveyancing solicitors are privileged with

Whether you are buying or selling a home in rural Queensland or Brisbane conveyancing is best left to the professionals.

What We Do: Conveyancing for Buyers

You can expect your conveyancing solicitor to perform different tasks depending on whether you’re buying or selling.

The tasks involved in the buying conveyancing process include:

  • Advising you on any issues affecting the property you’re purchasing
  • Working with your financier, agent and the seller’s solicitors to ensure the process runs smoothly
  • Conducting property searches and obtaining the certificate of title for transfer purposes
  • Arranging the payment
  • Informing the relevant authorities about the transfer of ownership
  • Preparing settlement statements
  • Attending settlement on your behalf – making sure you’re paid the correct amount in full and that all outstanding debts are accounted for

Conveyancing for Sellers: What We Do

If you’re a seller, your conveyancing solicitor will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring the relevant dates are met for the terms and conditions under contract
  • Reviewing your contract prior to signing to ensure your legal rights are protected
  • Working with the agent and buyer’s solicitors to ensure the process runs smoothly
  • Arranging for settlement with your bank and the buyer and preparing final statements
  • Attending settlement on your behalf and ensuring all monies are deposited correctly on completion of the settlement


Professional Fees

$660.00 (Inc GST)

Inclusive of Title Search

Plus disbursements such as PEXA fees and settlement agents are additional (if applicable). Please call Conveyancing Home QLD to obtain a quote.


Professional Fees

$990 (Inc GST)

Plus disbursements such as recommended searches, PEXA fees and settlement agent fees (if applicable). Please call Conveyancing Home QLD to obtain a quote.



Call For Conveyancing Today!

If you have questions about conveyancing Brisbane, Queensland, or just want to discuss the details of your property purchase or sale, please don’t hesitate to contact Conveyancing Home QLD:

Phone 07 3236 2852
Fax: 07 3319 6131
Office Address: Level 17 300 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
Postal Address: PO Box 10127, Adelaide St, Brisbane QLD 4000

We welcome all of our current and future clients to have as little or as much involvement in the conveyancing process as they want.

Conveyancing Home QLD are happy to provide you with as much easy-to-understand property advice as you need, or to take the process out of your hands entirely and keep the effort required of you at a minimal level!


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