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Conveyancing Home Queensland is a division of Phoenix Law & Associates, which means we can offer you a full suite of legal services.

When you’re buying or selling the property, there are a few legalities (other than conveyancing) you will need to sort out:

Wills & Estate Planning

Have you updated your will to reflect your latest property purchase or sale?

Commercial & Investment Property

Do you need help drafting a commercial lease for your investment property?

Personal Injury

Are you covered if anything goes wrong at your rental property or business?
Or, if you have another matter on your mind, we can also assist you with:

Business & Commercial Law

Build your venture with confidence.

Family Law

Enjoy a peaceful family home.

Intellectual Property Law

Legally protect your creative works.

Compensation Claim Assistance

Learn about what you’re entitled to.

Litigation & Dispute Mediation

Tenacious solicitors to uphold your civil rights.

International Trade

Make your business prosper on the global stage.

Property Law

Ensure your investment is in safe hands

Workplace Relations

We help employers & employees get a fair go.

Migration Law

Live & work in Australia for longer

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