Conveyancing Costs Brisbane & QLD

Our Conveyancing Fees

 Conveyancing Home QLD operates on a fee structure that makes creating a budget for your conveyancing costs extremely easy. Our conveyancing fees are also among the most competitive in the market today, helping you get the most value for your money. Whether you’re buying or selling your property in Queensland, you’ll know well ahead of time what we charge for our conveyancing solicitors in Brisbane and what you can expect from our team.

You’ll find pricing details for every service and conveyancing cost in Brisbane and QLD that we offer below. If you have any questions about our pricing or services, please contact our team.

Sale of Property

Professional Fees: $550.00 (including GST)

Inclusive of Title Search

Plus disbursements such as PEXA fees and settlement agents are additional (if applicable)

If you’re selling your property and want to ensure a smooth transition of ownership, our package for the sale of properties will help make that happen. Our professional fees include all standard conveyancing services for selling properties, including a review of your contract of sale, working with your buyer’s agents and arranging settlements with any involved banks and third-parties.

Purchase of Property

Professional Fees: $825.00 (including GST)

Plus disbursements such as recommended searches, PEXA fees and settlement agent fees (if applicable)

If you’re a buyer who’s looking for professional conveyancing services to complete the sale, Conveyancing Home offers a comprehensive package that helps ensure a smooth transaction.

Our conveyancing fee for the purchase of property includes all the standard services required to complete the conveyancing process, including a thorough review of the contract and arranging standard searches on your behalf (searches are to ensure there are no hidden surprises like outstanding debts tied to the house or land, or easements affecting how you can use the land). We’ll also work with all third-parties involved in your transaction, arrange payments and attend settlements and meetings on your behalf. If unexpected legal issues arise during your purchase, we are also able to offer you professional legal advise for a low additional cost.

What You Can Expect From Us

With Conveyancing Home, you’ll always know what you’re getting: top-notch, professional conveyancing services for completing your property transaction.

When you work with Conveyancing Home, you can always expect the following:


We see to it that every conveyancing cost is kept to a minimum. Ours are among the cheapest conveyancing fees in QLD, providing all the standard conveyancing services you look for but at prices below many others’. We’re able to provide these affordable rates thanks to our industry-leading expertise and experience in Queensland property law, allowing us to streamline processes and focus on steps that provide better results.

Transparent Fee Structure

We’ve developed a highly accurate online quote generator to help you a see realistic estimate of what your conveyancing costs will be. The form takes two minutes to fill out, and will provide you with a customised quote that takes into account your transaction type and local fees you may incur. This allows you to budget for your conveyancing costs before we begin our work.

What You’re Paying For

When it comes to conveyancing costs, higher prices don’t always mean better services. At the same time, bargain deals and the cheapest conveyancing fees don’t always give you the level of service (and results) you want. At Conveyancing Home, we offer the sweet spot between low prices and high experience, giving you full professional conveyancing services at highly competitive prices.

Here’s what you’re paying for with our conveyancing Brisbane fee:


  • Full Conveyancing Services – You may be paying lower conveyancing fees with our team, but the level of service you get from us is top-notch. All our standard packages come with the full range of conveyancing services that you’d expect from any professional conveyancer, and we give you all the assistance and advice you need.
  • Decades of Experience in Conveyancing and Property Law – Our conveyancers and solicitors have decades of experience in conveyancing and property law. We know what it takes to get the results you want.
  • Expertise in Queensland Property Law – Our conveyancers are experts in Queensland property law and conveyancing, with years of experience working with clients throughout the state. Queensland property law is known to be more complex than those in other states, and our solicitors’ expertise in local laws will help you navigate the more complex procedures.

Conveyancing Fees Worth Your Money

At Conveyancing Home Queensland, we’re committed to giving every client the best value for their money.

With our fair price structure delivering minimal conveyancing costs, you can rest assured that Conveyancing Home is among the best and most cost-effective conveyancers you’ll find today. We’re here to help you get the results you want, and our low conveyancing fees help ensure that your conveyancing costs in QLD won’t break your budget.

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