What’s happening to the Great Australian Dream? The Great Australian Dream is the belief that in Australia, homeownership can lead to a better life and is an expression of success and security. Is that still the case today in 2021? Today, it would appear the Great Australian Dream is simply owning a home or investment property in a ‘desirable’ area. Regardless of whether that property is a free-standing house or an apartment, buying and owning any type of property is now the number one goal for Australians.

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In the past .. 
In the prosperous decades following the second world war, a Great Australian Dream took hold in the nation’s collective consciousness. It meant a home of your own on a quarter acre block and a brand-new car in the driveway. The dream became a reality for millions of Australians as capital cities across the country swelled with new people and the homes they built to live in. But as we know now, the Dream created its own set of unintended consequences.

Large homes on large blocks have meant constant outward pressure on the urban fringe, pushing Australia’s cities to become among the largest and least densely settled in the world. The twin penalties of rising infrastructure costs and skyrocketing land prices dramatically reshaped the housing market, ushering in an era of denser development. That’s been good for affordability, but hasn’t always addressed other issues like social isolation and loneliness, which is paradoxically growing even as our social media use explodes. Now we are drawn to communities. Places that support human connection and civic pride. This means addressing more than just housing and roads and how many schools you’ll need, but also employment, leisure, transport, retail, entertainment and civic services.

Take transport, for example. It’s generally assumed that Australians just love their cars and that’s why most of us have one, if not two, in the driveway and it’s our preferred way of getting around. But the rise of the car-sharing economy and Uber and our packed city trains tells us a different story.

The reality is that we’d like an easier, cheaper, less stressful way of getting around than driving our own car. It just needs to be convenient. And while transport that gets you around is critical, equally too is the amenity that helps you enjoy the times you stay at home.

Like all things in life, the Great Australian Dream has evolved. Less about the big house and the quarter-acre block, and more about the culture, lifestyle and wellbeing that comes with living in social urban villages.

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