In Queensland Conveyancing, the golden rule is “Time of the Essence”. The various due dates set out in the contract must be strictly adhered to. However, what is your rights and responsibility when you cannot settle due to the effect of coronavirus?

The REIQ contract provides for a “Delay Event”, in the event of certain circumstances, however, unfortunately, there is no certainty at the moment that this COVID-19 outbreak could constitute a “Delay Event”.

If the parties are not able to fulfil their contractual obligations to settle due to the Delay Event, then the settlement date may be suspended.

What is a Delay Event?

  • Tsunami, flood, cyclone, earthquake, bushfire or other act of nature;
  • Riot, civil commotion, war, invasion or a terrorist act;
  • An imminent threat of an event in paragraphs (i) or (ii); or
  • Compliance with any lawful direction or order by a Government Agency.

If the government orders to close all of our business operations, it would be certainly possible to argue that it is Delay Event under (iv).

Until then we must carry on our lives ”as business as usual” and you still must do everything possible to meet the contractual obligations.

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