If you’re planning to buy or sell your home THIS YEAR here’s what will make a BIG DIFFERENCE – In today’s property market where there are fewer good properties for sale than there are buyers; there are some who may wonder about the benefits of hiring a conveyancing professional or solicitor to help them in their home settlement. Some homebuyers figure that in today’s fast-paced world, the answers are just a Google search away and that they should be able to DIY.

Home Conveyancing, whether buying and/or selling your home is not something you want to DIY.

The 3 benefits of having conveyancers on your side IN THE CURRENT PROPERTY MARKET ..

….there are many more than 3 – but consider this for now.  AND Involve us earlier, rather than at the last minute

  1. We can advise you about the contract BEFORE YOU SIGN and can amend the contract to suit your needs and circumstances. It is often too late after you sign the contract.
  2. Also, the conveyancer can advise you on REALISTIC TIMEFRAMES, so you are informed, and can realistically anticipate for each process. Building and Pest, finance in particular, and Discharge process and Settlement, all take time. Be prepared – use our expertise first.
  3. Especially if you are NOT IN THE COUNTRY, you need to consider how you execute Transfer documents. We suggest you use PEXA with our guidance.

Now more than ever, you need an expert on your side.

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