See Cricket pitch-sized Artwork in MONTO  – CONVEYANCING HOME Pick of the Week is a school holiday road trip complete with epic art, music and true Queensland flavour. WHERE IN THE ART WORLD IS MONTO? A small rural town inland from Bundaberg is perfect to see an artwork the size of a cricket pitch! Just under 22 metres, it’s a panorama by well-known local artist Gil Jamieson depicting Jays Creek, west of Alice Springs, and will be given new exposure after almost 30 years in storage.

On the night of 2nd July, a special guest will be the Folk/Indi Country musician Jordan Rochfort; Hot food with beverages will be on sale. There is limited seating at the event, however, there is plenty of space. So bring a folding chair to enjoy the music.

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The ’72 foot painting’ was first exhibited by Georges Mora at Tolarno Galleries in Melbourne in 1973. From there it was exhibited twice at the Adelaide Festival and twice in Monto. It was hanging in Monto when Gil passed away in 1992.
Monto Museum of Modern Art Gil Jamieson panoramic art Australian regional rural
Matthew Jamieson bringing Gil Jamieson’s Paintings Out of Storage. Photo Courtesy of Burnett Today Website

This is not the first time Gil’s works have been exhibited in Monto. The “Resurrection” Exhibition in 2019 saw Gil’s paintings hung in the memory-laden space of the old picture theatre, The Rex. Project Rex is another example of the power of small communities. It is a not-for-profit community organisation that is restoring the picture theatre in Monto to create a place for all things creative and cultural. It will be a cinema, art gallery and place for micro business to flourish. Coordinator, local grazier and entrepreneur, Carly Baker-Burnham is always planning the next steps for the Rex so stay tuned.

Even if you’re not an art connoisseur, you’d have to attend just to marvel at the sheer size of Gil’s painting which is an epic work. It sounds like an excellent night of incredible art, fine conversation, and support for the regional arts community.

The exhibition nicely coincides with Queensland’s school holidays so why not stay a few days? You absolutely must see the painted silos, enjoy Monto’s art trail, browse the shops brimming with local and handmade goods, sample the food at the pubs and cafes and maybe even treat yourself to a few night’s stay at the bespoke Bloodwood Cabin. You’ll discover the people, food, culture, history and beautiful landscape of Three Moon Country is worth the trip.

Photos Courtesy of Monto Museum of Art; Burnett Today Website; The Rex Project Facebook Page; Australian Silo Art Website and special thanks to Sue Stubbs.